Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Queens & Empresses

Back in November I was given the opportunity to read the lastest tome from Mark Hichens entitled "Queens and Empresses".

From the Press Release: "History is brought to life through the colourful stories of eleven queens and empresses. Their lives were often tempestuous and tragic, ending in execution, suicide, divorce or abdication. Some were child brides, pawns in political games, and most had unfaithful husbands."

As you may have guessed, Mark's new book focuses on the lives of a number of amazing women - some notable, some notorious, but all worthy of our attention.  The ladies in question are a varied group, from Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Mary Queen of Scots, Christina of Sweden, Maire Antionette, and finishing off with Queen Victoria.

Each ruler has a generous chapter dedicated solely to her where Mark explores the lives, loves, victories and failures of these women.  Form royal or humble beginnings, each woman has left her indelible mark on the pages of history.  Mark does not let you get bogged down with unnecessary details, but keeps it simple and concise, outlining the main / important events in each woman's life. And each story is objectively written!

Mark provides further reading for those wishing to learn more about these women.  I highly recommend that you grab a copy of "Queens and Empresses" (it's definitely a "keeper") and begin your journey!

About the Author:
Mark Hichens is a biographer, historian and retired teacher.

His publications include:
  • Oscar Wilde’s Last Chance: The Dreyfus Connection (Pentland Press)
  • Prime Ministers’ Wives – and One Husband (Peter Owen)
  • Wives of the Kings of England – from Hanover to Windsor (Peter Owen)
  • Wives of the Kings of England – from Normans to Stuarts (Book Guild Publishing)