Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arrivals in 2013

Some new arrivals in the Library:- 

Wu Zhao by N. Harry Rothschild 
Cartimandua by Nicki Howarth 
The Kingmaker's Sisters by David Baldwin 
The Makers of Scotland by Tim Clarkson 
The Banished Medieval Queen by Acacia Oak 
Holy Bones, Holy Dust by Charles Freeman 

Medieval Sicily by H. Barbera 
The Norman Kingdom of Sicily by Donald Matthew 
The Normans in the South, 1016-1130 by John Julius Norwich 
The Kingdom in the Sun, 1130-1194 by John Julius Norwich 
Roger II and the Creation of the Kingdom of Sicily by Graham A. Loud 
The Normans in South Wales, 1070-1171 by Lynn H. Nelson