Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jason Who?

Welcome to my page on author extraordinare Dan McGirt. Never heard of him?? Well that's your loss. Dan McGirt is a force to be recknoned with when it comes to fantasy adventure novels. He is the author of the "Jason Cosmo Trilogy" (Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos, and Dirty Work). These are not your typical fantasy novels, but then, Dan McGirt is not your typical fantasy author ... or is he??. So, to the books:

Jason Cosmo
Who is this Jason Cosmo? Well he is a woodcutter turned reluctant Superhero. Follow Jason as he does battle with nefarious villains, assorted monsters, wizards of the highest (and darkest) order; gasp as Jason is pursued by the cream of the Bounty Hunters; marvel as Jason is seduced by beautiful damsels in obvious distress (this is a fantasy book after all); be amazed as Jason comes to the attention of the Gods (and one scatterbrained Goddess in particular). All this is just a typical day in the life of a Superhero. Will Jason and his good friend the wizard Mercury Boltblaster save the Eleven Kingdoms from the Dark Magic Society or will Jason end up on the Superhero scrapheap. Jason soon learns that this Superhero business is not always what it is cracked up to be.

Royal Chaos
Terrorists have taken over the Tower!!! --- and once again Jason Cosmo must wear his underpants on the outside (hardly a fashion statement for today's aspiring Superhero). Just who is responsible for this dark and darstedly deed?? The Dark Magic Society have re-opened for business (Under New Management of course); the maniacal nobles are on the chilvalric warpath (well some of them are, the others are just on the warpath); every man and his monster wants a piece of our Superhero, and the good wizard Mercury just wants a piece of whoever is responsible. But who is this new kid on the block, putting forward his bid for Number One spot on the Charts of Evil, and just what has he done to upset our Superhero and his pal?? But wait, there is a late challenger breaking loose from the back of the pack??? This doesn't look good for our Jason and Mercury.

Dirty Work
...""Retirement just wasn't what it was cracked up to be - especially when no one would take your retirement seriously. SDtill, Jason Cosmo, the ex-woodcutter now known as the Mighty Champion, was sick of being an invincilbe hero. All he wanted to do was turn in his magic armour and his loyal, demon-slaying sword, his sun-goddess medallion and his secret decoder ring - and, of course, his Heroes Club charge card - and settle down someplace quiet to raise turnips. But rumour had it that the Superwand, the "ultimate implement of power" had just come back into the world, and no one but Jason stood a chance of finding it and pitching it out of the universe again before the arch Demon Lord got hold of it. So, depsite the ongoing distractions of persistent assassins, lesser demons, and murderous magicians, Jason and his soon-to-be sorceress love set out on an impossible quest that would take them from noble courts to pirate dens to the very gateway of Hell."

About the Author
Dan McGirt is the author of the Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series, including the all new Hero Wanted and the original Non-Trilogy: Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos and Dirty Work. He was recently named one of the 100+ Best Authors on Twitter.

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