Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review: Dirty Little Angles

Wow - what can I say about Chris Tusa's "Dirty Little Angels" that has not already been written.

This is a hard as nails, in your face look at the life of a young girl burgeoning into womanhood in the seamier side of New Orleans. There are no white picket fences, no happy families, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This part of New Orleans is reflective of the lives of those who live there - tough, gritty, and and barely surviving.

Hailey spends her days like most others - hanging out with friends, getting into trouble - but her actions have consequences. And when all else fails, she turns to religion.

Chris knows New Orleans - and it shows in his writing. These characters seem so real, and yet they are not the type that you would know as friends and neighbours. But their story will suck you in so much so that you cannot leave.

If contemporary literature and social commentary is your genre, make sure you read "Dirty Little Angels".

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