Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: The Celtic Dagger

I was recently honoured in receiving a copy of "The Celtic Dagger" by Jill Paterson through a Goodreads giveaway.  And am glad I entered!  My copy arrived two days before Christmas, and not only was it signed, but there was a lovely hand-written card from Jill!

The Celtic Dagger is Jill's debut work - though you would never guess.  The dagger in question is one of three artifacts linked to a murder.  In the course of investigations, family secrets are unravelled, workplace relationships are put under the microscope, and we are taken on a spellbinding journey to the very end when all is packaged up for us.

The story is set in the academic world of a noted Sydney University and its Antiquities Department.  We travel between states in Australia as clues are tantalising placed in our paths.  I enjoyed being able to read of places that I am familiar with - being home turf.

There will be no spoilers here - you will have to read all for yourself.  Suffice to say that I read this book in one sitting - I literaly could not put it down in my quest to discover all.  I am so looking forward to Jill's next book!

About the Author
Jill Paterson grew up in Adelaide, South Australia before spending 11 years in Ontario, Canada. After returning to Australia, she settled in Canberra where she now lives with her husband, John.

After doing an Arts degree at the Australian National University, she worked at the Australian National University's School of Law before spending the next 10 years with the Business Council of Australia and the University of New South Wales, ADFA Campus in the School of Electrical Engineering.
You can find Jill @ Goodreads or through her website.

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