Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Anxiety of Erasure: Trauma, Authorship and the Diaspora in Arab Women’s Writings

Anxiety of Erasure is a book written by an Arab woman, to describe the grief of Arab women seen through the eyes of Arab women. It is a refreshing, unique and gripping read; as a woman from an Arab background, it is one of the first such books with which I feel that I can identify fully.

Overall, Anxiety of Erasure is an eye-opening read that addresses the depths of the angst of the Arab woman. Al-Samman has used a wide range of literature from a number of authors and pieced them together to bring to light the misjudged chronicle of the Arab woman’s existence. The book is crafted in such a way that it is accessible to anyone who wants to understand the plight of Arab women in literature. More importantly, perhaps, when read by an Arab woman, it is likely to awaken her soul.

Review by Diana Alghoul (Middle East Monitor)

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