Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review: A Cruel Necessity by LC Tyler

A Cruel Necessity (John Grey Historical Mystery, #1)
"... rebellion is ... a perfectly respectable family tradition ..."

Cromwellian England was, during the 1650s, a hot-bed of political intrigue and factionalism, with the execution of King Charles I still a sore-point for many. The government had been rocked by purges, and its sitting membership so reduced it became known as the "barebones parliament". Laws had been introduced to severely curtail and regulate people's behaviour; frivolity and enjoyment were frowned upon as the Puritans dominated all aspects - even Christmas was banned!

As thus we are introduced to our narrator, one John Grey, an idealist young lawyer in the reign of Cromwell, who finds himself in the middle of an investigation into a spy ring, known as the Sealed Knot. The more Grey delves, the more he finds himself on the wrong side of Cromwell's spy-master, John Thurloe, and before long, things are turned around - the hunter becomes the hunted.

This is a well told story with enough action, intrigue, double-dealing and, at times, humour, to keep the reader suitably entertained, and wondering down which path are they being led and to what conclusion.

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