Thursday, January 2, 2020

Review: Black 13 by Adam Hamdy

Black 13 (Scott Pearce, #1)Synopsis: Black 13 is the brilliant first novel in the Scott Pearce series from Adam Hamdy. 

In this addictive and fast-paced thriller, ex-MI6 officer Pearce is about to show us that in a world where there is no loyalty to the nation state; where governments, the military and intelligence agencies are being outmanoeuvred at every step; it’s time to burn the espionage rule book. Watch Pearce light the fire!

Pre-review (posted 23.12.19 - barely halfway through): I haven't even finished this - and HOLY CRAP ... what a roller-coaster ride this is already! One of the best action thrillers I have read in a long while and I'm only half way through! 

Well, now I have finished it (24.12.19), and what can I say but what a read! My thoughts above, when only halfway through, are still applicable - even more so. The characters, the story, the descriptiveness, the action sequences (and there are plenty of those) - I felt every heartbeat, sat there breathless through every nail-biting escapade, winced at every punch thrown and every bullet spent. 

We already know this is going to be a series so no spoiler alert there - but for a while you wonder .... is this man made of kevlar ... by the end of it, I can hear the words ... "we can rebuild him" ... 

Now for a spoiler alert: this is no fairy tale; there is violence and a lot of it; so if you are easily offended, turn away now. If you want one of the best thrillers around, read on!

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