Monday, June 6, 2011

A Bundle of Borgias

With the Showtime series "The Borgias" gaining in popularity, it's time to get your Borgia on. Here are a few tomes you may want to add to your reading list:

Borgias In Fiction:
The Borgia Bride & The Scarlet Contessa by Jeanne Kalogridis
Sins of the House of Borgia by Sarah Bower
The Second Duchess by Elizabeth Loupas
Poison: A Novel of the Renaissance & The Borgia Betrayal by Sara Poole
Poison in the Blood: The Memoirs of Lucrezia Borgia by M. Scarsbrook
Lucrezia Borgia: A Novel by John Faunce
Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons by Roberta Gellis
Madonna of the Seven Hills (Lucrezia Borgia, #1) & Light on Lucrezia (Lucrezia Borgia, #2) by Jean Plaidy
City of God by Cecelia Holland
The Family by Mario Puzo
The Banner of the Bull by Rafael Sabatini
The Borgia Testament by Nigel Balchin
Lusts of The Borgias by Marcus Van Heller

Lucrezia Borgia:
Lucrece Borgia by Victor Hugo
Lucrezia Borgia Duchess of Ferrara by William Gilbert (2 vols)
Letters of Lucrezia Borgia & Pietro Bembo translated by Hugh Shankland
Lucretia Borgia by Ferdinand Gregorovius
Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy by Sarah Bradford
Lucrezia Borgia by Maria Bellonci
Lucrezia Borgia – The Life of a Pope's Daughter in the Renaissance by Maike Vogt-Luerssen
The Life & Legend Of Lucrezia Borgia by M. G. Scarsbrook
Lucrezia Borgia - A Biography by Rachel Erlanger
Lucretia Borgia - According to Original Documents and Correspondence of Her Day by Ferdinand Gregorovius

Cesare Borgia:
Cesare Bogia by Robinson (1 vol of 3)
Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times by Sarah Bradford
The Life of Cesare Borgia: of France, Duke of Valentinois and Romagna by Raphael Sabatini
Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times by Sarah Bradford
Cesare Borgia: the Machiavellian Prince by Carlo Beuf

The Borgias:
The Borgias by Alexandre Dumas
The Borgias & Their Enemies by Christopher Hibbert
The Borgias by Marion Johnson
The Borgias: The Rise and Fall of a Renaissance Dynasty by Michael E. Mallett
At the Court of the Borgia - Being an account of the reign of Pope Alexander VI, written by his master of ceremonies, Johann Burchard.
In the Pillory: The Tale of the Borgia Pope (Damning Exposure of Romanism) by John Bond
The Fall of the House of Borgia by E.R. Chamberlin
The Renaissance Popes: Statesmen, Warriors and the Great Borgia Myth
The Borgias by Clemente Fusero (trans. by Peter Green.)
The Borgias by Ivan Cloulas
Chronicles of the House of Borgia by Frederick Rolfe

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