Friday, June 24, 2011

Hollow Crown

As I own three books of pretty much the same title (Hutchison, Hollick & Rubin), I wondered just how many other "Hollow Crowns" there were.

The Hollow Crown: A Life of Richard II by Harold E Hutchison (1961).
"In this portrait Richard himself emerges as neither a tyrant nor a weakling, but an able mediaeval king."
"The brilliant abilities which Richard share with the rest of the Plantagenets were marred by a fitful inconsistancy, an insane pride, and a craving for absolute power."

The Hollow Crown: An entertainment by and about the kings and queens of england by John Barton (1962 & 2005) which was also published as: The Hollow Crown: The follies, foibles and faces of the kings and queens of England (1971)

The Hollow Crown: an ethnohistory of an Indian Kingdom by Nicholas Dirks (1993) - The only one on the list that does not concern England.

The Hollow Crown: Story of Saint Edmund by M. Champion (1997)

A Hollow Crown: the story of Emman, Queen of Saxon England  by Helen Hollick (2004) - A tale of Emma of Normandy, wife and queen to both Aethelred II, Saxon King of England, and Canute, King of Denmark, Sweden & Norway and of England.

The Hollow Crown by Miri Rubin (2005 & 2006) - A history of 14th Century England.

The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare, Hobbs & the Changing Nature of Kingship from 1600 to 1650 by Timothy Zajac (2006)

Within the Hollow Crown by Margaret Campbell Barnes (2010) - A tale of King Richard II of England.

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