Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Septembers Additions - Part 1

September was a busy month in the Library for additions.  Part 1 includes the following:

Ducal Brittany, 1364-99 : Relations with England and France During the Reign of Duke John IV by Michael Jones - 
Traditionally John IV, Duke of Brittany has been considered an Anglophile. This book re-examines his role in Anglo-French relations by a full study of the diplomatic, administrative and military evidence. It suggests that the Duke's policies were designed principally to create an autonomous duchy.

The Franks : From Their Origin as a Confederacy to the Establishment of the Kingdom of France and the German Empire by Lewis Sergeant - That aim implied that the greater part of the volume should be devoted to periods in which the historical foundation was least secure-to the long struggle between Romans and Teutons, during which the tribes on the east of the Rhine were perpetually combining against their enemies until the Frank confederacy clearly emerged, and to the subsequent Merovingian period, during which the Franks were gradually subjecting the whole of Gaul.

A Tale of Two Murders : Passion and Power in Seventeenth-Century France by James Farr - As scandalous as any modern-day celebrity murder trial, the "Giroux affair" was a maelstrom of intrigue, encompassing daggers, poison, adultery, arch-enemies, servants and royalty, and legal proceedings that reached to the pinnacle of seventeenth-century French society.

Medieval Naples : A Documentary History, 400-1400 by Ronald Gusto - This is the first comprehensive English-language collection of sources yet to treat the city of Naples from late antiquity to the beginning of the Renaissance. Sources are drawn from its historical, economic, literary, artistic, religious and cultural life from the fall of Rome through the Byzantine, ducal, Norman, Hohenstaufen and Angevin periods.

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