Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'Passion of Dolssa'

Author Julie Berry's  most recent young adult novel, "The Passion of Dolssa" , was released April 12. The book is set in the 1200s and describes the lives of a group of people in France during the Catholic Crusades.
Dolssa, the protagonist and novel's namesake, is introduced early in the book and is immediately established as a spiritual woman who would go to any lengths to know God better. A friar has labeled her as a heretic, so Dolssa must run for her life. A tavern-keeper and matchmaker named Botille finds Dolssa on the brink of death, takes her in, nurses her back to health and discovers that Dolssa has healing powers. But it becomes clear that neither Dolssa nor Botille is safe from the wrath of the friar and the church.

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