Saturday, June 25, 2016

Laura Esquivel's new book Pierced by the Sun

Review of Laura Esquivel's new book Pierced by the Sun published by AmazonCrossing | Miami Herald
Laura Esquivel’s international bestseller Like Water for Chocolate delved into one woman’s spirited tale of love and family during the Mexican Revolution. Her latest novel tackles her country’s politics much more overtly. With its depiction of how one troubled woman must navigate a labyrinth of criminality and cronyism, Pierced by the Sun takes an uncensored look at her Mexico’s troubled present, in which corruption and crime have rocked Mexican society.

In this novel, we meet a policewoman named Lupita, who is falling apart after witnessing a murder. A local politician named Don Larreaga has had his throat cut in public in Mexico City, mere feet from where Lupita is standing, although “there was no evidence of anybody in the vicinity having any sort of knife or blade.”

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