Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Princess Michael of Kent - Writing 'The Anjou Trilogy'

From Midnight Walks to Medieval Murders: Writing 'The Anjou Trilogy' | The Huffington Post

Princess Michael of Kent blogs about writing, research & her upcoming trilogy:

Research is rather like becoming a detective. Every clue, no matter how small, is exciting and can lead one on to the next, another piece in the jigsaw found and I continue trying to form a picture of a personality. This is the part of my journey as a writer which I enjoy the most — discovering the essence of a character through tiny little asides and titbits of no apparent significance but which can, on occasion, add something significant to their persona.
And then there are the locations. I never write about a place I have not visited, and therefore I do travel a great deal. 
I am a night-writer. It is the only time I am undisturbed and often at my laptop until three or four in the morning. 
Strangely enough, each one of my chosen subjects about whom I have written has led me to the next. 

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