Saturday, March 24, 2018

Review: The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn

The Woman in the Window
For me, this is a homage to Hitchcock's "Rear Window" and "The Lady Vanishes" - a disturbed woman witnesses something - and no one around her believes it.  This is what initially drew me to this title.

Whilst this is a slow moving story initially, the "flashbacks" are used sparingly to illustrate certain points in the backstory of the main character, Dr Anna Fox. We descend into Anna's private hell as she struggles to discern what is real and what is imagined. To add to the complexity, Anna is suffering from agoraphobia after undergoing a personal tragedy.

I enjoyed the references to many well known classic movies - many of which I myself have watched - Anna and I have something in common, which I guess is what drew me to her.

The writing is suspenseful, intricate, absorbing - this is a real page turner that will one day itself become one of those classic noir crime stories. If Hitchcock were alive, he'd be adapting this for the big screen.

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