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John Creasey - King of Crime

The King Of The Crime Writers: The Biography of John CreaseyThe King Of The Crime Writers: The Biography of John Creasey by Nigel Cawthorne

John Creasy was not quite as famous as Agatha Christie yet his output dwarfed hers. Aged 21yo when his first book was published (though it was the tenth he had written), Creasy wrote over 600 books and numerous television series, and was published under 28 pseudonyms.

His life is told in a series of flashbacks, anecdotes and personal memoirs.

A Kind of Prisoner (Department Z Series)
A Kind of Prisoner by John Creasey

John Creasey was a prolific writer of crime and mystery novels, many of which have made it to our TV screens.

In this outing, we enter the world of British espionage, more specifically Department Z, the elite detective agency. The plot is a simple one - Department Z is being sabotaged with a view to their final destruction. Under siege from enemies both within and without, and with one of their own "a kind of prisoner", can Department Z root out the source of the impending doom before it is too late.

This is my kind of book - I love the crime / mystery / thriller style from the 1930s to the 1970s, so for me, this was an enjoyable read. Creasey himself was rather an enigma, and I suggest tracking down The King Of The Crime Writers: The Biography of John Creasey by Nigel Cawthorne to get an idea of the man and his literary output.

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