Sunday, February 18, 2018

Review - The King's Company by Jessamy Taylor

King's Company
Written in the style of a "boys' own adventure", this tale in set in the years of the Anarchy - the wars fought between King Stephen and Empress Maud for the ultimate prize - the English Crown.

Into this chaos, we find young William d'Amory - a lad weened on tales of knights and wars, who one day hope to be one of the greatest knights in England. But he has a long way to go. Into his sheltered world rides Philip de Colleville, on a mission of his own. Philip is welcomed by William's family - but all to soon this private idyll is disrupted as William is unwittingly drawn into Philip's secret.

This book hits its target audience (young adults) well and is not over complicated by a dense plot line. Its does take a little while to pick up but moves along nicely when it does. Is there the barest hint of more adventures to come ....

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