Saturday, February 17, 2018

Review - Killing Rasputin by Magarita Nelipa

KILLING RASPUTIN: The Murder That Ended The Russian Empire
KILLING RASPUTIN: The Murder That Ended The Russian Empire by Margarita Nelipa - This work is based upon the report of Vladimir Rudnev, investigator into Rasputin's influence over the Tsar (28.03.1919), revised and updated again since its publication in 2010.

Its divided into three parts: (1) biographic information about Rasputin and his life; (2) the cold case review of the murder; and (3) connecting the murder with the downfall of the Russian Empire.

"It has happened! .... Because of an empty and shortsighted obstinacy of one women - the final catastrophe happened."

This is a well researched, heavily detailed tome with a huge cast of characters (imperial, political, noble). Nelipa's use of records obtained from Russian sources gives insights into how this man was viewed by the Russian royal family and the Russian nobility. She explores the many differing sources to provide explanations behind the mythology of both the man and the murder.

It would probably have made for easier reading had I had the actual book in my hand so that I could have easily references those involved (I was reading an online copy). Personally, I preferred part 2 - the cold case analysis.

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