Sunday, April 29, 2018

Historical-romance novelist stickler for details, authenticity

Regan WalkerWhen Regan Walker decided to try her hand as a novelist, she set her sights on historical romance. Her decision paid off as not only does she have a passion for writing historical romance, but her talent has been recognized with book awards.

“I do hundreds of hours of research,” Walker said. “Some people might not like that part of it, but for me, I enjoy it.” She is quick to point out that discipline comes into play when she is researching.

“I use discipline to make sure I don’t go down every rabbit trail that was available, or I’d never get to writing the book,” she said. “So, there are times when I’m bent on an interesting thing, and I have to cut it off."

Walker writes in specific time periods including the Medieval 11th century in England and Scotland (post-Norman Conquest), the late 18th century in the Georgian era, and early 19th century during the Regency when Prince George ruled England in place of his father.

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