Sunday, April 29, 2018

Review: The Man On The Middle Floor by Elizabeth S Moore

The Man on the Middle Floor
This is one of those books that will not appeal to everyone's reading tastes, and may be a little polarising. Having said that, I am glad I pursued it to it's conclusion.

In a three-flat building live three different people: an ex-cop, an young man, a doctor - all living their own lives, all with their own secrets and struggles, barely intersecting. That is until the neatly ordered world of Asperger sufferer Nick, comes crashing down around him by the intrusion of a random act. Only then does the story take off, as long hidden secrets bubble to the surface, and drive the story along.

This isn't a standard crime mystery but it is thought provoking, as our main narrator, Nick, is not your usual character. This story is more character driven then plot driven - we know what has happened but equally we want to know what - in the past - could have lead to these events. It is a compelling, unsettling read, and yet you can't help but find yourself drawn to Nick's vulnerability. I appreciate that the story didn't just stop with the crime being discovered - that there was follow up, resolution if you will.

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