Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm A Teenager And I Don't Like Young Adult Novels. Here's Why.

Article shared by my good e-friend and author Dan McGirt - a young teen reader reveals her pet peeves about "young adult" fiction and offers up some advice for those who write it:
Let your characters, even the secondary characters, even the characters your MC hates, be real people. Let them be interesting and unexpected. Think outside the box that previous fiction wrote. 
This is probably my biggest pet peeve with some YA novels. The book is almost over, and one by one, every plot issue is tied up with a bow and set to rest. Soon, everything is perfect, and everyone’s living ‘happily ever after.’ But how can you live happily ever after when you’re still a teenager? It’s difficult to end a teenage narrative story, because by time you end your teens, you’re still beginning your life. 

read entire article by Vivian Parkin DeRosa here @ Huffington Post

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