Monday, June 5, 2017

Jesse Burton Weaves Through History

Jesse Burton's "The Muse" to tells the story of life guided by chance encounters. Three girls, separated through the distance of thirty odd years, a civil war, a world war, yet tied with the thread of one secret that joins them in a sisterhood of more secrecy. 

Jessie Burton's writing is vivid. The description of the textures, brush strokes and color application is like one written by an experienced painter. Each of the chapters portray faithfully the inner conflicts of the characters-Odelle's struggle as a writer, Saraa's fight against depression, Teresa's tussle to keep her brother safe. 

Burton's forte seems to be weaving fiction through historical frames. "The Miniaturist" portrayed the mysteries of unwanted marriage through Petronella's bedchamber in Medieval Amsterdam. The Muse continues the magic with mistaken identities and the eternal charm of chance encounters that defines the dangerous fatalism we call life. Read her, you won't regret.

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