Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Review - The Chiron Confession by Thomas Greanias

" ... you know the omega but not the alpha ... "

It is 96AD - post-Crucifxion and only the Apostle John remains. The reign of the Emperor Domitian was fraught with tension - government officials, playwrights, religious leaders could be executed at whim. Roman playwright Athanaius of Athens is framed for murder and for being the head of a secret society (Dominium Dei) by his rivals at the Court of Domitian. Accused and condemned to the arena, he flees and takes on the persona of the one he was accused of being - Chiron. 

" .... nothing makes sense anymore. I've literally fallen into my nightmare .."

After a slow start, things pick up as Athanaius is led this way and that in search of (1) the real Chiron, and (2) vengeance. Athanaius encounters a motley crew of characters - are they of help or are they a hinderance. The question is ... will he succeed in either quest with an assassin hot on his trail.

Author Thomas Greanius takes you on a tale into the political and religious turmoil, to uncover a mystery that is at the heart of the reign of Emperor Domitian. The question is .... will it be resolved or is there more to come ? 

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