Saturday, December 30, 2017

Viking Voyages and the Old Norse Sagas

A couple of interesting looking books have crossed my desktop recently, which I thought I would share.

Beyond the Northlands: Viking Voyages and the Old Norse Sagas by Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough
"The medieval Norse were adventurous travellers: not only raiders but also traders, explorers, colonisers, pilgrims, and crusaders. Traces of their trips survive across the world, including ruined buildings and burials, runic graffiti, contemporary accounts written by Christian chroniclers and Arab diplomats, and later sagas recorded in Iceland. Their adventures spanned from New Foundland to Baghdad, and many other countries in between." (read more here @ OUP Blog)

God's Daughter by Heather Day Gilbert
"I hope my story, told from Gudrid’s point-of-view, shows Viking women in a whole new light. Forget horned helmets and funky braids. Viking women weren’t that different from us. And they’re worth learning more about." (read more here @ Melisende's Library)

The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown
"Joining scientists experimenting with cutting-edge technology and the latest archaeological techniques, and tracing Gudrid’s steps on land and in the sagas, Nancy Marie Brown reconstructs a life that spanned—and expanded—the bounds of the then-known world. She also sheds new light on the society that gave rise to a woman even more extraordinary than legend has painted her and illuminates the reasons for its collapse."

Vikings in the South: Voyages to Iberia and the Mediterranean by Ann Christys
"This book reconsiders the Arabic material as part of a dossier that also includes Latin chronicles and charters as well as archaeological and place-name evidence. Arabic authors and their Latin contemporaries remembered Vikings in Iberia in surprisingly similar ways. How they did so sheds light on contemporary responses to Vikings throughout the medieval world."

The Viking Explorers: Explorers of New Worlds by Jim Gallagher
"Chronicles the history of the Vikings and their explorations and conquests in Europe and North America between the eighth and thirteenth centuries, focusing on such Vikings as Leif Eriksson, Erik the Red, and Oleg the Wise."

Image resultThe Northmen's Fury: A History of the Viking World by Philip Parker
"The Northmen’s Fury describes how and why a region at the edge of Europe came to dominate and to terrorise much of the rest of the continent for nearly three centuries and how, in the end, the coming of Christianity and the growing power of kings tempered the Viking ferocity and stemmed the tide of raids. It relates the astonishing achievement of the Vikings in forging far-flung empires whose sinews were the sea and whose arteries were not roads but maritime trading routes." (I have this one myself - read more here @ Philip Parker's website)

A History of the Vikings by T. D. Kendrick
"Written by a former curator of the British Museum’s Department of Medieval Antiquities, the volume is one of the first complete accounts of the Nordic raiders. Amply illustrated and written with freshness and vigor, this perennially appealing story of conquest will be valuable to scholars and students of Nordic history."

Seafarers, Merchants and Pirates in the Middle Ages by Dirk Meier
"In this engaging and highly-illustrated volume, Dirk Meier brings to life the world of the medieval seaman, based on evidence from ship excavations and contemporary accounts of voyages."

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