Sunday, December 31, 2017

Review: Maigret & the Tall Woman by Georges Simenon

Look, I personally love classic crime - and Maigret (recently brought to life by Rowan Atkinson), definitely falls into this category.  

The "tall woman" is the wife of a career safe-cracker (a woman whom Maigret knew from years gone by).  There is a murder, and the safe-cracker vanishes.  In his usual style, and sometimes with the thinest of evidence, Maigret investigates.  There is nothing seemingly rushed about this man, and at times you wonder if Maigret will ever solve the puzzle.  But you know he does.

This style of crime fiction is classic for a reason, and will never go out of style.  I was introduced to Maigret and others of his ilk many, many years ago, and then sometime ago, I indulged myself in reading a vast array of classic crime (for the pure joy of it) - Simenon was among the many authors.  And yet their characters are still fresh as if it were only yesterday.  That is the power of Simenon and his ilk - they still have the power to captivate an audience years later.

Well worth the effort to seek out more from Georges Simenon and the full list of Maigret titles, which you can do here @ Penguin Books

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