Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bastille Mysteries

Having added "The Odd Fellow" by Ian Honeysett to my kindle reading list, I was intrigued by what more there was on offer by this author.  Not being incredibly au fait with the period of the French Revolution (aside from Hugo, Dumas, Sabatini & Baroness Orczy), I was intrigued in this set of three historical mysteries set in this period.

The Bastille Mysteries website:
Image result for bastille mysteriesThe "Bastille Mysteries" is a series of crime & suspense novels set during the French Revolution.

The first is "The Eighth Prisoner" and takes place in 1789 as the Bastille falls. The second, "The Year of the Oath", is set in 1790 when all clergy are required to swear an Oath of allegiance to the State. And the latest release is "Death A La Carte", set in 1791 when a struggle for control of the Capital's dining empire occurs.

The main characters are: Rouget Maison of the Paris Police; AbbĂ© Pierre Reynard & Christine Gilbert, his housekeeper's daughter

Revolutionary France
A country in turmoil; overthrow of the monarchy; the reign of terror; a climate of fear and suspicion, of social and economic change; what better setting for a series of mysteries.

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