Saturday, July 28, 2018

‘Women are three dimensional and flawed, just like men’

Daniel MalloryAuthor Daniel Mallory talks to the Irish Independent about his book, The Woman in the Window, and the success that followed.

When he outed himself as AJ Finn - a deliberately gender-neutral nom de plume he took on partly "because up until December I was still working and I didn't want my authors to see their editor's name scrawled across a hardback in the bookshop", partly "because I'm a private person" - it was the 'poacher turned gamekeeper' pieces that annoyed him the most. "Because no book is sure-fire and, far from being easy, this was a labour of love. "So these journalists intent on suggesting, or even asserting, that I know the secret ingredients needed to cook up a bestseller are wrong. There is no secret sauce. If there were, I would have written a huge bestseller long ago."

Review of The Woman in the Window @ Melisende's Library

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