Sunday, May 13, 2018

Being ‘Flat Broke’ Could Happen To You

Book review, March 9Review by Terri Schlichenmeyer for The North Platte Telegraph:
It could never happen to you.

Other people have problems. They don’t plan, they don’t act, they aren’t paying attention and that leads to issues they can’t deal with. That kind of thing happens to other people. In the new book “Flat Broke with Two Goats” by Jennifer McGaha, it can’t happen to you — until it does.

For sure, author Jennifer McGaha tells a lip-biting story that starts out bad and grows worse, as tragedy piles on top of hardship stacking on humiliation. If you’re rolling your eyes, though, stop. While McGaha abundantly writes of the pain of loss and the turmoil in her emotions, she takes her share of responsibility here. She also admits how she almost didn’t do even that. The anxiety is almost like putty, it’s so thick.

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