Saturday, May 19, 2018

Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer

Review by Jeff Ayres in Mercury News:
This cover image released by Grand Central Publishing shows "The Escape Artist," a thriller by Brad Meltzer. (Grand Central Publishing via AP)A plane crash unveils a vast covert government operation with ties to master escape artist Harry Houdini in “The Escape Artist,” Brad Meltzer’s latest thriller.
Then she replayed those last few minutes before she got on board. Oh, God. Now it made sense. Her stomach was up in her throat. The VIPs at the front of the plane were now screaming. She knew why this plane was going down. This wasn’t an accident.
Meltzer weaves a stellar tale of history, government-insider knowledge, and thrills to deliver his best book in years. At times the violence is intense — and the villains are borderline comic book — but Meltzer’s steady hand knows how to balance a fine line between compelling and discomforting. Since Zig and Nola are both artists in their own unique way, the visuals and narrative are even more intense than one would expect in a thriller.

The Escape Artist” is the rare novel that one wants to read fast while also needing to go slow to savor every word.

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