Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Great Wall of Yarmouth

Paul B Patterson has been in awe of the town wall and the towers which exist today for most of his life; and he brings his artistic and graphic expertise together to show us how today’s town would look had this medieval marvel not been pillaged or “modernised” over the centuries.

This is not only a book for the scholar and historian, but for all people who live or visit the town; and more importantly for the educators to relate with pride to the custodians of the future, that Yarmouth had its own Great Wall and why we must preserve, guard and remember those precious parts which exist today.

further reading
  • The Medieval Town Wall of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: A Geological Perlustration by John Potter
  • The history of Great Yarmouth by Henry Manship
  • The History and Antiquities of the Ancient Burgh of Great Yarmouth in the County of Norfolk by Henry Swindon

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