Sunday, May 6, 2018

Manning’s second novel released to critical acclaim

Tamworth born and bred best selling author Kirsty Manning’s second book, The Jade Lily, has already received global acclaim, on Tuesday she was back home to launch the book at the City Library.

The former Calrossy student’s second effort comes just 12 months after her hit debut, The Midsummer Garden, and while that number was set in Medieval France and Tasmania, this book is set in vibrant Shanghai.

“I was on holidays in Shanghai with the kids and we went to the Chinese Gardens and spent some time in Fuzhou, the French quarter, but then we ran out of money and went to the cheaper side of Hongkou,” she said.

“I saw an old red star of David on a doorway, and after asking a few questions realised I had a complete blind spot in my 20th century history.”

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